Do I need to create an account?

Creating account is optional, however you would need to have open account to use Wishlist.

Are payment methods accepted?

No, we do not collect any forms of payment directly on our site. When you the buyer decides to buy a product, you are directed with affiliate link to merchant like Amazon to purchase.

What is the Compare?

The compare feature for you to select multiple at once to compare against each other concerning features and price to help with purchasing decisions.

What is Quick View?

Quick view shows you brief description of each product with price and buy option without having to open the full product details page.


When you click on a product next to the full description you will see Reviews with number besides it. This review is honest reviews from customers who have left review concerning the products quality, features, price etc.

Can anyone leave a review?

Yes, everyone can leave a review. When leaving a review please include the information of where you bought the product for instance Amazon and the seller who sold you the product.