Gevi Counter Top Nugget Ice Maker with Thick Insulation



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THE Nugget Ice

Nugget Ice, Sonic Ice, Pellet Ice, it goes by many other names, but everyone knows it’s the most favorable ice type. Once Murphy said that “the magic is to have some ice left over once you’ve finished your drink for, um, snacking”.

Instead of hunting among different stores, now that it’s available from your countertop with Gevi Nugget Ice Maker, the nugget ice maker you need most.

  • Nugget Ice – Cool down drinks fast, retain flavor, easy to chew, it has all the advantages that ice can have
  • Convenient – Nugget ice was only available from few channels, but now you have the most convenient way.
  • Compact Design – The unit is small in size, light in weight, flexible in water refill method, suitable for most surfaces

Elegant compact design perfectly fits kitchen, RV, party and office pantry

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