Jurassic World Dino Rivals Destroy ‘n Devour Indominus Rex



Be a part of the Jurassic World adventure with the ultimate in dinosaur battle action! A hybrid abomination of InGen labs, Destroy ‘n Devour Indominus Rex is the most terrifying and deadliest dinosaur ever masterminded by science. Inspired by the film, this larger-size Indominus Rex dinosaur is approximately 8 ½ inches high and 23-inches long—and wreaks havoc and fear—everywhere! Ominous features include ghostly white scales, vicious teeth, and long, dagger-like forearms.

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Jurassic World Dino Rivals Destroy ‘n Devour Indominus Rex is ready for an epic battle. Activate arm movement and slashing sounds by pressing a button on its back. Trigger chomping and roaring sound effects with a button at its tail. T-Rex can also swallow and bend down to pick up things. The terrifying T-Rex is all set to go on a rampage. Featuring ghostly white scales, long dagger-like forearms and vicious teeth, you can be sure to enjoy this Jurassic World adventure. Inspired by the Jurassic World movie, this cool action figure features an LED light with a scary red glow that outlines the action figure.
Toy of the Year Award Finalist
Toy of the Year Award Finalist

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