ORTUR Laser Engraver, Laser Master 2 S2 SF, 20W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine



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the latest and most advanced motherboard from Ortur R&D:

1.Higher MCU frequency and faster calculation speed.

2. Support Ortur Laser 1.8 series firmware.

3.Power Safety Control System, the laser module will be cut off after shutdown,and the power supply will be cut off if the power input is abnormal (not withinthe range of 21-27V).

4.Fuse overcurrent protection function.

5. Win10, MAC drive-free connection.

6. Support more optional accessories, such as: OOC2.0 Offline Controller,OE2.0Laser Saftey Enclosure, LU3 Series Digital Laser Modules, Flame Detector,Emergency Stop Switch, etc.


  1. When the laser engraver is working, the operator should not leave it alone, just in case the materials being carved catch fire.
  2. Do NOT operate laser without eye protection (Laser goggles).
  3. Please set up laser engraver in the fireproofing area, with good ventilation.
  4. Please keep minors (especially kids younger than 14 yours old) away from this laser engraver. Minors of any age should not use this laser without direct Adult supervision and proper eye protection.
  5. Please avoid strongly impact on the machine.
  6. Please do not touch the laser beam with your hands or any other objects you do not wish to engrave/burn/cut. Serious physical harm is possible if used improperly.
  7. Please do not touch the heat sink, when the laser engraver just stop working, it may scald your hands.
  8. Use the laser engraver in a room that can be closed by a door and ensure that neither laser beams nor stray light can penetrate through the windows.
  9. While using the laser engraver, use door signs or a warning light on the door that indicates the laser engraver is in operation.