Pet Fur Dryer Grooming Blower Hairdryer Blaster Heater



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Lightweight and easy to use, which is small in size with a convenient handle.
-It is equipped with functions of wind speed and heating temperature.
-With an adjustable hose and 3 air outlets with different functions.
-The connection of the machine and the hose is specially designed so that the hose can be efficiently installed or detached.
-Three sizes of nozzles are available which can be adjusted according to the requirement.
-Imported copper core dynamo, strong safety
– The technology of Uniform Heat Distribution, prevent overheating and protect the skin of your pet
– Fast-drying. The dog of small size needs 15 mins and the big one only needs 25mins
-The minimum wind speed of 25m/s, the highest wind speed is over 65m/s.
-The maximum blow force from the outlet of the wind is more than 540G.
-Protection is applied to the holding of the hose to prevent scalding.