runme Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Activity and Sleep Tracking

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  • 24 HOURS’ ACTIVITY TRACKING: Check your heart rate, steps, calories, walking distance and exercise time at any time you want. Vibration awake clock, mindfulness training, specific sports modes, sedentary alert, calls& SNS notifications and sleep monitor help to manage your life healthier.
  • DAILY SLEEP MONITOR: Use with the VeryfitPro app, to check your daily, weekly and monthly sleep report. Analyze your sleeping condition- awake time, light sleep, deep sleep, combine with reasonable exercise and food consumption, gradually improve your sleep condition.
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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.


PHOTOELECTRIC TRANSMISSION MEASUREMENT—The ID107HR Plus emits a green light onto the skin through a sensor at the bottom of the watch to calculate the heart rate. Since this is very different from the pulse measuring instruments used in medical environments, there is a certain measurement deviation.

It often takes 20 to 30 seconds to measure the heart rate accurately.

WE HAVE RECENTLY UPGRADED THE HEART RATE ALGORITHM (VeryFit pro app updated from V2.3.26 to V2.3.27) so that the measurement accuracy is much greater than before. We will continue to develop this algorithm to achieve greater accuracy.


1. User’s random movements—it may cause the arm to sway, which in turn may cause the sensor inside the fitness tracker to activate and start counting steps. These steps have no contribution to your health.

2. To correct this deviation—the R&D engineers have set the first 20 steps as the critical value; when the body walks more than 20 steps, the fitness tracker considers it as normal walking and starts counting; when the movement is less than 20 steps, the fitness tracker regards it as random movement and will not count and record it.

With this in mind, the steps recorded may be a bit less than that recorded on other fitness devices or apps.

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