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Description :
-5 Deep Purification, Purer Drinking Water For Cats:
Microporous filter cotton to remove hair, debris, and other foreign matter. Activated carbon filter cotton to remove sand, rust, and other microparticles. Natural coconut shell activated carbon strengthened filtration residual chlorine and other harmful substances. an exchange resin softens water quality and removes calcium ions that induce stones. The central spring of the drinking water tray prevents backflow network to avoid dirt backflow.

-24 Hours Continuous Purification:
360-degree cycle filtration,24 hours uninterrupted purification, no need to wait, can drink fresh water at any time, help cats drink more water, less sick.
Low Noise:
5V silent water pump, intimate slow flow mode, and silent diversion, even the weak sound of water flow has been redesigned to lower decibels, even if the 24-hour operation does not worry about the impact of sleep.

-1.88L Water Capacity:
The cylindrical water tank can effectively expand the capacity, and the 1.88I water capacity can meet the requirements of the cat for a week. Even if the cat owner is on a short business trip or travel, fresh drinking water can be provided for 24 hours.

Open Water Tray:
The fountain can open the drinking tray, which can satisfy many cats to drink water at the same time.
-Detail Display:
Up and down bite tooth design: the gear bite design is adopted between the water tank and the chassis, which can be easily reset without deliberate alignment, and also makes the water tank and the chassis more stable, which is not easy to be overturned by the cat.
Intelligent soft light indicator: the chassis has a whole circle of soft light. Flash represents low water level, remind to add water. Light blue light can also act as a small night lamp, warm and full of a sense of security.