Ernie Pet Costume from Sesame Street


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Opposites Attract

Your pet is your best friend who is always there for you and never lets you down. Your sweet compatability has nothing to do with the fact that you are two very different creatures. Maybe your fur baby enjoys waking you up at the crack of dawn by licking your face in a joyous frenzy over being reunited after a night of separate dreams…and you just want to sleep a little longer, thanks. Perhaps they prefer digging in the garbage and you would rather order takeout. But you love each other and you can’t imagine not having that little guy or gal in your life.

Product Details

If your pet has a zany sense of optimism and a winning personality, they need this officially licensed Ernie Pet Costume from Sesame Street! The outfit consists of a tunic made of one hundred percent polyester that has just a little bit of stretch for a comfortable fit. The torso is striped horizontally with alternating blue, white, red, and yellow stripes just like Ernie’s favorite shirt. Hook and loop fasteners under the tummy and under the chin keep it securely in place. The attached orange hood features a tuft of black faux fur, as well as two fiberfill-stuffed eyeballs and a stuffed red nose.

Like Ketchup And Mustard

If you’re planning a Sesame Street-themed costume for yourself this year, why not include your pet in the fun? You already fit so well together that matching outfits are the next logical step.