Sesame Street Bert Costume for Pets



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Like Peanut Butter And Jelly

You and your pet are the dynamic duo. The Power Couple to end all power couples. It’s not just the fact that you sleep in the same bed and enjoy watching the same shows together. You’re close because you’re best buds who prefer each other’s company in every way. Maybe one of you is always happy and the other is something of a pessimistic grouch, but the things that make you different will never cancel out all of the things that you appreciate about each other. Besides, if you were too similar, you wouldn’t complement each other so well!

Product Details

Your dog or cat will look cute as can be in an officially licensed Sesame Street Bert Costume for Pets! The costume comes in a variety of sizes and consists of a tunic made of one hundred percent polyester fabric. The torso of the outfit is striped with bold, vertical orange, blue, and green stripes just like Bert’s favorite sweater. Hook and loop fasteners secure under the tummy and under the neck to keep it securely in place. The attached hood is embellished with a tuft of black faux hair, an oversized black unibrow, two fiberfill-stuffed eyes, and an orange stuffed nose. When you pull the hood up over your pet’s head, it’s like Bert is looking back at you!

You Go Together

Get your furry best bud a costume that symbolizes what he or she means to you! It will look perfect with your Ernie costume or amazing on its own.