Spode Christmas Tree 12-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4



Spode Christmas Tree was originally introduced in 1938, designed specifically for the American market. It is the oldest holiday pattern in the US today, and is loved by collectors for its nostalgia and warm recollections of past Christmases. The 12 piece set which includes 4 dinner plates 10 inches, 4 salad plates 8 inches and 4 mugs 9 ounces is a great way to start collecting Spode Christmas Tree for your holiday dinners with friends and family.

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  • 12-piece dinnerware set, service for 4
  • 4 each: 10-1/2-inch dinner plate; 8-inch salad plate; 9-ounce mug
  • Crafted of durable milk-white porcelain earthenware with rich green banding
  • Seasonal pattern depicts a decorated Christmas tree, colorful gifts, and holiday greens
  • Safe for use in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer


An integral part of a cup or mug, we produce thousands of handles each day. Paying attention to the little details, each handle is cast, trimmed and cut with exact precision so that it fits onto the curve of the cup or mug perfectly. It is attached with great care using liquid clay to ensure its longevity.


We use a rock hard, clear glaze to showcase the beauty of the ware. The glass is applied either by machine spraying or by hand, a highly skilled technique that involves dipping the ware into a vat of glaze and shaking the right amount of excess glaze from the piece.


For shapely pieces, the decoration is applied by hand by our experienced and talented lithographers. The transfer is moistened and applied to a piece with exacting precision. It is then stretched and massaged onto the ware to ensure it sits beautifully against the piece.


At every stage and by every person, our products are checked for quality. The final quality check is undertaken by our Selectors. With a keen attention to detail, they study the piece to ensure it meets our leading quality standards. Not only do the look and feel the product, they use a specially crafted tool to listen to the product to ensure it makes the right ‘ting’ sound.

Christmas Tree

Loved for its nostalgia and warm recollections of Christmases past, Christmas Tree is one of the world’s best known holiday designs since its introduction in 1938. Each season sees wonderful new introductions for collectors both old and new. Christmas Tree adds a distinctive charm to every table celebrating traditions and creating memories.

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