Best 9 Beverage Tubs

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Beverage tubs are great method to keep beverages chilled for your work or home parties. This list of best 9 beverage tubs will help with your purchase decision.

Beverage tubs comes in unique styles and sizes that can fit any theme of your party.

Let me show you out best 9 beverage tubs for different occasions.

BREKX Aspen Stainless-Steel Metal Bucket

This Brekx beverage tub can be used for commercial or home use for caterers, wedding party, outdoor party, company group holiday party or any other theme. You can keep your drinks chilled in the highest quality stainless steel. This beverage tub is not like any other, this bucket is built with strong lasting durable metals. The best part about this beverage bucket, is it can be used multiple times without having to keep buying new ones each time you host a party. Available at Amazon for $74.99.

Prodyne Big Square Party Beverage Tub

If you are looking for a glass beverage tub for your party needs, then I recommend this Prodyne Big Square Party Beverage Tub. This tub is made for big parties to hold your beverages for all day party or all night. Can hold plenty of ice and keeps lots of your favorite wine, champagne, beer, soft drinks, bottled water and more chilled for hours. The glass tub is durable, crystal clear, and break resistant. Available on Amazon for $24.99.

American Metalcraft ATHG10 Hammered Aluminum Beverage Tub

The American Metal craft ATHG10 Hammered Aluminum Beverage Tub is sure to add a bit of charm to your next occasion; from brunch buffets to more private table service, this sturdy, versatile tub will do the trick. Available in multiple sizes, it comes in a near-glimmering Gold finish and measures 15-inches in length. With over 70 years of service, American Metal craft is a leader in the foodservice industry for trend-focused and unique products. Available on Amazon for $87.98.

BIRDROCK HOME Hammered Double Wall Round Copper Beverage Tub

Dress up your indoor or outdoor table with our stylish BirdRock Home Stainless Steel Beverage Tub. Double-wall design keeps drinks cold without condensation. Works great for parties, tailgates, or events. Care instructions: Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Wipe with a soft dry cloth. Available on Amazon for $62.96.


BirdRock Home Double Wall Round Beverage Tub

Here is another best choice of ours for a simple beverage tub to dress up your party. This beverage tub features double walled design that will keep your beverages cold for hours, made of highest stainless-steel quality, holds over case of bottled soda, beer, or water, along with up to 11 wine or champagne bottles. Available on Amazon for $119.96.


BREKX Double-Walled Insulated Hammered Stainless Steel Beverage Tub

When you have your annual barbecue, you don’t want to spend the whole day refilling ice and cleaning condensation off of the countertop. BREKX hears you, and we have created a durable, double-walled, corrosion-resistant, leak-free, no-sweat stainless-steel beverage tub to answer your needs. Our double-walled bucket will keep drinks chilled, both indoor and outdoor, for 10+ hours!

It doesn’t get cooler than that. This is ideal for parties when you need to free up some fridge space and get those beverages on ice. What sets our bin apart from the others is that we have fused 2 stainless-steel walls together to provide a highly insulated and leak-proof product. This means cold beverages for everyone and no messes for you.

The large storage capacity allows up to 20 bottles of your favorite beer or 6 standard wine bottles with ice. Our stainless-steel tub is rust resistant and durable throughout regular use, so you can rest easy. Unlike a traditional lidded cooler or container, ice buckets also allow for a beautiful, accessible display, so you can show off the goods and make serving a breeze.

With an easy-to-grip set of handles, you can easily move this from indoors to out, wherever the party takes you. Our drink holder is also a beautiful decorative touch in any space, with mirror-like polished silver and hammered details. This would be gorgeous at a wedding, baby shower, backyard barbecue, and any catered event. Aside from being the ultimate bottle and can chiller, this container is suited to a wide array of uses.

Consider using it as a stunning planter, tying twine around it for a rustic spin on farmhouse chic, or stuff it with goodies for the ultimate gift basket. Product dimensions are 20″ x 11″ x 7″. Fill with your favorite soda, beer, wine, champagne, or water, and get ready to party down and drink up with our big, beautiful chilling beverage pail! Available on Amazon for $69.99.

Vossman Beverage Tub

Help yourself to a retro-chic sense of style with the Vossman beverage tub with stand. Smooth-gliding casters and metal grill shelf for glasses and bottles let the good times roll. Galvanized metal finish makes it feel so authentic. Stylish convenience. It doesn’t get much better than this tub’s portable design and metal shelf — great for storing a glass or two, cocktail ingredients and other bar essentials. Available on Amazon for $71.99.

BirdRock Home Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand

BirdRock Home Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand is the perfect way to keep your refreshments cold for your party with a durable beverage holder including an attached bottle opener. The beverage tub is equipped with a metal stand providing an elevated way to display sodas, waters or beer for your party and family gatherings. The beverage tub can be easily removed from stand to pour out water and clean. Transport the tub easily with wooden handles on either side. The beverage tub holds over 25 bottled sodas, beer, or water. Or up to 10 wine/champagne bottles. Host your party, family gathering with BirdRock Home Galvanized Beverage Tub. Available on Amazon for $94.96.

HIT Corp. 8025 Container with Double Beverage Tub

Galvanized steel double tub beverage container with wrought iron stand. Size: 21″dia. X 29″ High. Made in Istanbul Turkey. Houston International Trading has been an industry leader over 33 years in garden items; designing, manufacturing & distributing. Available on Amazon for $86.77.

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