Best Board Games for Families

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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and needed to stay home, you might be thinking of ways to keep your family entertained. You can play board games together with your kids.  These board games are a fun way to spend quality time together during this epidemic. Here is a list of board games you can enjoy with your family.


You might already have this favorite all-time board game in your collection. Can buy, Sell Properties. Land on community chest draw cards that tell you to collect money from other players, do to jail, advance to another property. You can also collect rent, build hotels, but the goal of this game is to not go bankrupt and be a top income-generating player.  This game will allow 2 to 8 players and recommended for ages 8 and up.


This is another classic crossword game that many people continue to play. You build crosswords for points; you add to your score by building words on the special spaces on the gameboard. If you use all seven letter tiles on your turn earn extra bonus of 50 points. This game is best played with 2 to 4 players and ages 8 and up.

Connect 4

This is a well known vertical game played with checkers. The board is set up in the stand to hold it vertically and players drop the checkers into one of the seven slots, until one player successfully gets four in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Players suggested are two for ages seven and up.


The goal of this game is to bring your four colored pieces or counters around the board up to your home. The winner is the first person who completes this task. You will need to roll a six to start a piece of the journey. The frustration is when you cannot get the dice to roll what you want or if other player lands on the same space as you counter or piece and then your piece has to go back to space one even if you are near the end of the line. Recommended players at time 2 to 4 and for ages five and up.


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