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Laser tag is a fun activity that can be enjoyed at home with a laser tag set.  Whether you have just two players or entertaining a group, laser tag sets make for a fun and safe game.

Home laser tag sets usually use invisible infrared light to tag sensors and keep track of who your tag.  You can play the game with teams or with every player on their own however you will need compatible laser tag guns. Some of the guns may include a variety of game modes and scoring systems. The strength and battery life will vary, and younger kids are more likely to damage guns and wear out the batteries fast.

You need to consider how many guns you are needing to buy and how many times they will be used. We have included our best laser tag sets picks if you are not ready to make a purchase decision to continue reading.

ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns Set of 4

The ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 is packed with features that include the guns and vest targets for up to four players. The set comes with four shooting modes, four-team colors, invisible mode, and with a built-in flashlight making it adaptable to a variety of games.  The voice prompt, 150-feet shooting range, and LED life indicator are all highly desirable features. The only downside that customers commented about was that each of the eight devices requires 3 AAA batteries, would recommend rechargeable batteries. Check Price

Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set

This Laser Tag Set is basically a starter set with good battery life for the budget-priced model and is great for kids. The laser tag set has a nice price for two guns and customers commented that they have strong battery life and multi-player mode is great if you have other laser guns that are compatible. You can shoot up to 130 feet, which is plenty of space for indoor playing. Many buyers loved how responsive the guns seemed to be.  The only complaint is some malfunctions with the guns with rough playing and not that many game settings like other models. Check Price

Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

You can have long-lasting fun with this laser tag set and the rechargeable gears make it great for parties. Pack of four infrared guns and vests, with one charging station for you to recharge. The team data will automatically link with the vests and guns. The weapons have four different modes that include stealth mode and a nighttime flashlight. The only downside customers have reported is some of the guns have glitches but you can return them easily for replacements. Check Price

Kidzlane Extreme-Action Laser Tag Set

This set is best for kids, a well-made set that is ideal for groups of kids, but more serious professional players may find the inaccuracies annoying. The set received high praise for having four guns and four different settings that add to a varied experience. The set falls in the middle of the pricing scale and will not break the bank. Customers say the guns are extremely easy to learn and use.  The downside customers have reported is some arrive malfunction with basic use and not always accurate at pinpointing and hitting the target. They do have great customer service options to return the multifunctional product for the option of an exchange, store credit, or refund.  Check Price

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix Two-Pack

The nerf quality guns but with lasers rather than foam bullets. Customers loved the sounds and lights of these guns. Plus, you can reload with the side and recoil. Many customers praise these guns for how well they register at short and long ranges.  There are some complaints from customers that the guns not responding to hits and some are more sensitive than other models. Check Price

The Adventure Guys Deluxe Lazer Tag Set

Many customers praise this laser gun set for good quality and especially with the cool case to keep guns in when not in use. The set includes four premium guns packed into a beautiful cool case. You can play 1 on 1 or in teams of up to four. Each laser tag gun has four weapons, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket to battle your opponents and claim victory. The only complaint is customer service, the seller does not honor their customer satisfaction guarantee when returning a defective product. Check Price

Here is How Laser Tag Equipment Works

If the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the term laser tag is Star Wars laser cannon that will melt objects, then think again. Commercial grade laser tag sets are completely safe to use. The beam will not harm players or objects in the play area.

The Guns

The guns are usually a piece of plastic that houses the beam generator and the plastic is molded into the shape of a gun with the trigger mechanism that will activate the laser.

Most tag guns are easily carried in just one hand more like a pistol and the electronic computer chips needed to record data and keep score are included in the gun.

Lots of the guns contain sound, tactile, along with light effect capabilities that are not only cool but also give you feedback when you make or receive a hit during play.

The Sensor

The sensor unit will measure when a laser light strikes it. At-home laser tag sets, the sensor is most of the time included in the gun. If you visit a laser tag arena, they will give you a vest that contains the sensor and this is not always the case with at home sets.


The at-home laser tag guns use infrared lasers and you will not be able to see this type of laser light. You will want to choose a laser tag gun that has a sight on it to ensure accurate aiming.

When the infrared laser tag sets appeared on the market, customers complained about the inaccurate readings and beam that was too wide. Now technology has improved a lot and the guns work extremely well now.

The Battery

Due to the guns and sensors being portable they are battery-powered. Lots of the at-home laser tag sets will require AA or AAA batteries usually four per gun. If you use guns at an arena, they are rechargeable battery packs in the equipment provided.

If small children will be using them at-home laser tag guns, they will burn through the batteries fast. The little ones are more likely to press the trigger over and over not caring about what they hit. The older players will aim more and press the trigger less often consuming less battery power.

The set in our product list above “Best Choice Kids Laser Tag Set” is best for kids with great battery performance and the best for the price that will not break the bank.

The Durability

The durability is most of the drawback with at-home laser sets. Lots of the guns available for at-home use are made of cheap plastic with no weight to them. If a player bangs a gun onto objects or drops it repeatedly that can happen in this game, the gun will malfunction.

The younger kids due not know how to care for toys so do not be surprised if your guns break. You can spend a little bit more and get a gun made with stronger plastic, even stronger plastic will not protect the gun that can be dropped from a child running or crash into a tree trying to hide.


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