Shark AV2501S AI Robot Vacuum-Review

The Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum cleaner is an intelligent and cutting-edge device that promises potent performance. It has true HEPA filtration, incredible suction, and precise mapping for fast, efficient, and accurate cleaning.

Why is the Shark AV2501S AI Robot Vacuum a good purchase?

The Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum is an excellent addition to any household, particularly those with pets. It features a self-cleaning brush roll with powerful suction that collects 50% more pet hair, as well as 360-degree sensors for precise cleaning while avoiding walls and furniture.

In addition, it has an auto-emptying bagless base and true HEPA filtration to capture and remove 99.97% of dust and allergens.

What distinguishes the Shark AV2501S AI Robot Vacuum from its competitors?

The Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum is a mid-range product that offers excellent value in comparison to robot vacuums which are significantly more expensive. It is slightly heavier than other models, but its powerful suction and precise cleaning make up for this.

Additionally, the Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum has an extended runtime of up to 120 minutes, whereas comparable devices may require recharging sooner.

What design elements of the Shark AV2501S AI Robot Vacuum improve the user experience?

The Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum offers a convenient and efficient cleaning experience with its many unique features. The high-tech LiDAR sensors allow the robot to adapt to everyday changes in your home, while the powerful suction provides methodical cleaning on all floor types.

The Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum also offers on-demand deep cleaning; you can set your cleaning schedule using the SharkClean app through Google Assistant or Alexa.

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What disadvantages does the Shark AV2501S AI Robot Vacuum present?

The Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum promises maximum convenience and effective cleaning, but it is not without flaws. Numerous customers have observed that this robot vacuum performs exceptionally well on bare floors, but not so well on carpets, making it only suitable for light vacuuming.

A few individuals have also mentioned that it is quite noisy and difficult to follow the created map. The wheels of the Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum are also quite flimsy and require a more robust design.


We have researched and answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding robot vacuums.

Can I leave my robot vacuum constantly plugged in?

It is recommended that you always keep your robot vacuum charged and use it frequently to maintain its battery health. However, you should avoid leaving your robot vacuum in its charging dock for an extended period of time, particularly when it is fully charged.

Are robot vacuums very loud?

Typically, the noise level of a robot vacuum depends on the model and type of surface being cleaned. However, robot vacuums are typically as loud as conventional vacuums, and they may be a bit slower and take longer to clean your home.

Do robot vacuums leave marks on wooden floors?

No, robot vacuums do not scratch wood floors; in fact, they are an excellent choice for bare surfaces due to their maneuverability and ability to effectively remove dirt and debris. In addition, the majority of robot vacuums have rubber wheels and soft bristles that are safe for use on hardwood floors and a variety of other surfaces.


The Shark AV2501S AI robot vacuum combines advanced technology, convenience, and power to provide unparalleled cleaning of the entire home. It offers a multitude of excellent features, including 360-degree mapping technology and AI laser navigation for precise and adaptable cleaning.



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