The Best Dinnerware Sets on Amazon For Different Occasions

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You are looking for an easy and effective way to add a touch of class to your mealtimes! Choosing the best dinnerware sets on Amazon is the best way to do that.  Dinnerware sets include the plates, bowls, salad plates, and cups that you can enjoy a meal with when entertaining guests or family mealtime.

There are many different types of dinnerware sets to choose from. Dinnerware sets come in different patterns and sizes and even different materials. So, we have decided to review some of the best quality dinnerware sets that are currently available and possibly the best ones for you.

Amazon Basics 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Are you looking for a lightweight serving set that will look sophisticated, this set will fit? The Amazon Basics 16 Piece Dinnerware Set features plates, mugs, bowls, and salad plates. This set will be sufficient to entertain guests when you like to impress.

The easily stylish design of this set is ideal for those times when guests drop by unexpectedly. This design is sure to suit any occasion and at just fourteen pounds this set is light yet strong enough to go the distance.

The durability is backed up by a complete one-year warranty. The AB-grade porcelain material is safe to put in the freezer, oven, and microwave. It will take a little care with this set when stacking the plates as they are wobbly.

Amazon Basics is not a top product. But you can rest assured that this stylish serving set will not break your bank. The set is a good cupboard filler to turn to on any occasion when you need extra place settings. View on Amazon.

Lenox French Perle Place Setting

If you live by yourself, you might think a full-service dinnerware set is simply too big. This does not mean that you should have to compromise when it comes to quality and style.  The Lenox French Perle place setting is ideal for you if you appreciate the finer things.

As the best dinnerware set, it is available in different color choices of white, pistachio, ice blue, and violet. This will make it easy to create a stunning matching set of dinnerware. If you have a big family, each family member can be treated to their own set of color-oriented dinnerware if they like.

This set features a large dinner plate, salad plate, cup, and bowl. The edge piece is edged with a delicate and elegant look. This will help make sure the dinnerware set is suitable for different occasions.

This Lenox French Perle Place Setting is made from durable stoneware. Known to be unbreakable that will surely bring you peace of mind. The set comes with a lifetime warranty against breakages.

Each piece in the set is designed to be microwave safe for optimal convenience.  The stoneware surface comes with a smooth glaze that will make the pieces easy to clean. You can even easily clean them in the dishwasher. View on Amazon

American Atelier Dinnerware Set

It is time to unleash your inner Bohemian with this unique dinnerware set. The American Atelier Serving Set is designed in an appealing unique style. The entire family is sure to enjoy using this charming dinnerware set.

When you opt for the American Atelier Dinnerware Set you will be treated to your choice of finish. This will include a tough glaze and a rougher finish. When completed, you will see a set of dinnerware that will reflect your sense of style.

The bowls that come with this set are big enough for pasta and cereal. You can even use them as soup bowls if you like. This will make the set versatile and suitable for many occasions. View on Amazon.

Gibson Elite Soho Dinnerware Set


If you are ready for something different and are bored with basic white dinnerware sets, Gibson offers different color solutions. The Gibson Elite Soho Dinnerware Set will provide that splash of color while still looking sophisticated.

The surfaces of these pieces are made in a bright color with a durable reactive glaze on the top. The surfaces are much darker that makes the entire set look classy. In addition to the color teal, the set comes in a wide range of colors blue, red, taupe, celadon, forest green, gray, green, multicolor, purple, sand, and sapphire.

This will allow you to make a statement during your sophisticated dinner party and this set is not simply for show. You will have a full place setting for four people with bigger dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs.

Each piece is made from stoneware that makes the dinnerware set have a great reputation for durability. The entire set is certified dishwasher safe for easy convenience. Care should be taken seriously as the pieces can break if treated roughly.

The reactive glaze that is made on each piece catches the light to show a striking effect. This helps to make the dinnerware pieces easy to clean. You will also appreciate the fact that the entire dinner set is dishwasher safe. View on Amazon.

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Buying Guide for Dinnerware Sets

Choosing the best dinnerware set will involve much more than just selecting your favorite style. To get a product that will last you will need to think about other certain factors. Here are some of the key factors that you should think about before making a purchase choice.

Dinnerware Set Material

Dinnerware can be made from different materials, the most common options are stoneware, porcelain, bone china, and earthenware. Earthenware dinnerware is hand-painted and available in bright bold designs. The catch to earthenware is that they are prone to chipping and cracking along with not being microwave or dishwasher safe.

If you value your dinnerware sets on durability, stoneware is the material of choice. Stoneware is tougher, specifically if the vitreous glass is added to the clay when it is being molded. The catch to stoneware is that the pieces tend to be a little heavier.

Bone china is more elegant and will add a touch of glass to your meal. Bone china dinnerware sets are often edged with silver or gold overlay. Bone china will need extreme care and they are not oven, dishwasher, or microwave safe.

Porcelain is a little thicker than that of bone china but offers the same elegant look. Porcelain is known for being durable and non-porous. Due to porcelain being more impressive, you will want to keep the dinnerware sets made of porcelain for special occasions.

Gibson Home Rockaway Round Stoneware Dinnerware Sets

The Gibson Home Rockaway 12-piece Dinnerware Set is the perfect meeting place between contemporary style and everyday functionality. Every piece has a soft matte glaze finish that brings the latest on-trend colors to your dish collection. The Rockaway classic coupe shape looks great with any table setting and provides additional surface area for showing off delicious homemade meals. No matter what the occasion is the Gibson Home Rockaway 12-piece Dinnerware Set is a set you need in your home. All items are made of durable stoneware that is dishwasher and microwave safe. The set offers service for four including 4 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates, and 4 bowls. Bring fashionable elegance to your home today with the Rockaway dinnerware set and make sure to check out other color options for mix and match opportunities.


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