Unique Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager

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About Breo

Breo is dedicated to incorporating traditional Chinese health and wellness practices into modern technology. Founded in 2000, BREO is considered the industry leader in top quality body massagers.

Our products are designed to simulate the natural benefits of human hand massage. While there are many imitators, Breo is the true innovator. With over 700 patents, Breo’s outstanding R&D team is responsible for creating a family of the world’s best, most effective massager products. We stand behind all our products and make sure you will always be fully satisfied.

Living in this modern world, you may suffer from stress, tension, fatigue, headache, poor sleep, insomnia, or dry eyes, dark circles, eyesight weakening..iDream5 Helmet Massager is devoted to offering a solution to these problems with its combo therapy of Air Pressure shiatsu kneading, Heat compression, and soothing music.

iDream5 Head Massager innovatively applies the Air Pressure and Heat Magnet technology to simulate the human fingers’ kneading to massage our ocular area, temple area, forehead, back and top head, which in return replaces the real human massage in occasions when people need an instant and regular self-served massage relaxation.

Detachable Eye Massage

The eye massager mask is easily detachable when you only need to massage your head, or when you need to work on your computer or watch TV while receiving your deep shiatsu-like massage.


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