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Disney Frozen 2 has hit the market fast with toys in retail locations and online at qualifying merchants. Girls that are Disney Frozen fans already have toys from the first movie that was released in 2013 and have their minds on new toys from Disney Frozen 2 that was released earlier in November 2019. Even though there is six year difference between the release of the two Disney frozen movies, the question is would parents buy new release Disney Frozen 2 toys and if so which ones.

Disney Frozen 2 Princess Anna and Elsa Sister Interactive Feature Doll 2 pack

Go on a dramatic journey into the unknown with Disney Frozen 2 Princess Anna and Elsa Sister Interactive Feature Doll 2 pack. Featuring 2 iconic songs from Frozen 2, you can sing along as with the dolls as they play the songs. The royal sisters are dressed in their adventure outfits with designs straight from the film. Press the button on Anna’s bodice to hear her say phrases and sing her key song from the film. Press the button on Elsa’s bodice to hear her say phrases and sing her key song from the film. Relive your favorite story moments as Anna and Elsa strengthen their bond as sisters with the Disney Frozen 2 Princess Anna and Elsa Sister Interactive Feature Doll 2 pack! This Frozen 2 Doll Pack can be bought at for $59.00

Disney Frozen 2 Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset with Lights and Moving Balcony

Inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2, the Ultimate Arendelle Castle is a feature-filled fashion doll playset for young fans of the movies! Open the gorgeous gates and explore the castle’s 4 floors consisting of 7 rooms: kitchen, music room, and throne room on the first floor, a vanity room and bedrooms for Anna and Elsa dolls (not included), a library on the third floor, and a lookout tower on top. The Frozen castle is 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide and includes 14 accessories to fill it up, like a piano, throne, banquet table, vanity, sofa, and more to play out fun scenes in each room. When kids push the button on the moving balcony, they can see a colorful light show inspired by the Northern Lights! Pull out the extending carpet in front of the throne to complete the royal décor. This majestic castle makes a great a holiday gift or birthday present for kids ages 3 and up who love the magical world of Frozen! This Disney Frozen Castle can be bought at and for $199.00 The choice is totally up to you however with you have the option to use affirm with just $18/month payments.

Disney Frozen 2 Princess Anna Adventure Doll

Go on a dramatic journey with Disney Frozen 2 Anna Adventure Doll! A free spirit, Anna is a fiercely loyal, determined and courageous She is dressed in her iconic outfit with designs pulled straight from the film, including intricate and luxurious details, dramatic violet travel cape, and gorgeous new hairstyle for extra play! This Disney Frozen 2 Princess Anna Adventure Doll can be bought at and for same price of $18.74.

Disney Frozen 2 Princess Elsa Adventure Doll

Go on a dramatic journey into the unknown with Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Adventure Doll! Elsa is poised, graceful, and more powerful than she knows. She is dressed in her iconic outfit with designs pulled straight from the film, including intricate and elegant details, shimmery ice crystal winged cape, and gorgeous new hairstyle for extra play! This Princess Elsa Adventure Doll can be bought at and for same price of $19.99.

Disney Frozen 2 Singing Elsa Musical Fashion Doll with Blue Dress

In Disney’s Frozen 2, an ancient magic reawakens, and Elsa journeys far from home, testing her powers and discovering who she’s meant to be. This Singing Elsa doll has long blonde braided hair and comes with a Frozen 2-inspired outfit! Press the button on the musical Elsa doll’s bodice to hear a snippet of “Into the Unknown,” an original song from the Frozen 2 movie. When your kid presses the button, the Elsa doll’s dress also lights up to imagine a magical scene with a Frozen fan favorite! The Elsa toy’s outfit is a beautiful blue ombre with removable boots. Also look for the Singing Anna doll inspired by Disney Frozen 2 (Sold separately. Subject to availability.) to sing along to songs featured in the movie while imagining scenes with Arendelle’s favorite sister duo! This Singing Elsa Doll can be purchased for $19.88 at and

LEGO DUPLO Princess Frozen Ice Castle 10899 Toddler Toy Building Set

Join Disney’s Anna, Elsa and Olaf at the LEGO® DUPLO® Disney 10899 Frozen Ice Castle to share imaginative play and precious developmental milestones with your preschooler. As toddlers role-play with their favorite Frozen characters, they improve their language and fine motor skills, and develop social and emotional awareness. Talk about Elsa’s relationship with her sister, Anna. Enjoy open-ended creative fun with Olaf the snowman. With a multicolored light brick feature illuminating the castle at the push of a button, you and your toddler will have endless enjoyment recreating scenes from the Frozen movie and dreaming up stories of your own with this sparkling, buildable educational toy for toddlers. Purchase for $39.99 at

LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation 41168

The LEGO Disney Frozen II 41168 Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation makes a perfect gift or Frozen bedroom decor for fans of the Disney Frozen movies. This decorative jewelry box for kids is inspired by Elsa’s ice castle with snowflake decoration, and features a turntable function to make the Elsa mini doll and Nokk, a mythical water spirit, horse figure spin around and around. The jewelry box drawer itself has a lock function to keep kids’ favorite bits and pieces safe inside. Plus, this toy jewelry box includes a mirror inside so kids can see how their Frozen jewelry looks on. This DIY jewelry box building set makes a great arts and crafts project for kids. The LEGO jewelry box comes with 2 LEGO toy rings and includes 2 Frozen characters from the movie: Elsa and a Nokk. Purchase for $31.99 at or

Disney Frozen 2 Forest Expedition Fashion Doll Playset with Anna, Elsa, Ryder & Honeymaren

On an epic adventure together beyond Arendelle, Anna and Elsa meet Honeymaren and Ryder in the Enchanted Forest. Kids can recreate scenes from Disney’s Frozen 2 with the Forest Expedition Set, a 4-pack of classic fashion dolls inspired by the movie. This doll set features favorite returning characters Anna and Elsa, and new characters in the Frozen world, Ryder and Honeymaren. Each fashion doll features a movie-inspired outfit and comes with a pair of shoes. The Anna, Elsa, and Honeymaren dolls all include long, soft hair for more ways to play.  Purchase for $39.88 at

Disney Frozen 2 Adventures Collection Small Doll Playset with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven & Gale Accessory

This Frozen Adventure Collection 5-pack includes an Anna doll, Elsa doll, Kristoff doll, Sven doll, Olaf doll, and Gale wind accessory. Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff are dressed in their travel outfits so kids can pretend to journey beyond Arendelle with this tight-knit group of friends. Their outfits are inspired by the ones they wear in Disney’s Frozen 2 movie, and Anna and Elsa’s capes are removable. Kids will love pretending to embrace the elements with the wind spirit, Gale. Collect more Disney Frozen dolls and playsets (each sold separately) to recreate familiar scenes with characters kids know and love. Give this set of Disney Frozen small dolls as a holiday gift or birthday present for kids ages 3 and up who love to explore the magical world of Arendelle and beyond! Purchase for $18.74 at or

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Fashion Doll and Nokk Figure Playset

Kids can recreate scenes from the Disney Frozen 2 movie with this classic Elsa doll and Nokk figure, a character she meets on her epic journey far beyond Arendelle. The Elsa doll has her recognizable long blond hair twisted into a braid, and she is wearing a light blue knee-length movie-inspired outfit. The Nokk figure is inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 movie. Give this Elsa doll and Nokk figure as a holiday gift or birthday present for kids ages 3 and up who love to explore the magical world of Arendelle and beyond! Purchase for $24.88 at or

Little People Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace with Lights & Sounds

Every young Disney fan will love recreating their favorite moments from the Frozen film with this magical Little People playset. Kids can explore Elsa’s Ice Palace with Olaf, the snowman, and Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, pressing and turning the Discovery Buttons to reveal all the magical lights, wintry sounds, and exciting actions of the “growing” castle. The palace even recognizes Elsa and plays her hit song, “Let It Go”! Purchase for $39.82 at or

Disney Frozen Sleigh 12-Volt Battery Powered Ride-On for your little Elsa and Anna

Make your little girl feel like a special princess with this Disney Frozen 12v Ride-On Sleigh. She will love the feeling of sledding through a winter wonderland in her new vehicle. This 12v ride-on toy is capable of going speeds of 2.5 mph in forward or reverse, with a maximum speed of 5 mph. The toy vehicle is built to carry one driver and one passenger. This Disney Frozen ride-on toy features authentic graphics, flashing lights and a magical tune that plays on command. All of these features will make this sleigh easily stand out. It is ideal for children from ages 3 to 7. This vehicle will make a fun addition to the rest of her Frozen-themed merchandise and products. It has an assembled weight of 78 lbs, and with its two-seat capacity it is able to handle a total weight of 130 lbs. Your daughter will be able to enjoy those cold snowy days by riding around with her best friend in her new automobile. Purchase for $198.00 at with affirm payment option.  Or you can purchase for $239.57 at with no affirm payment plan.

Playdate Sven Kid Size Feature Sven from Disney Frozen 2 with working sound effects and Interactive Carrot

The epic adventure continues in Disney Frozen 2, the exciting sequel to the hit film, Frozen! Join your beloved friends, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven as they venture beyond Arendelle’s gates to strengthen their bonds and make new discoveries that will change their lives forever.Hop on for a wild adventure like never before with Disney Frozen 2 Playdate Sven! Playdate Sven is child-size, perfect for a child to pretend they are galloping around the landscape of Arendelle with their favorite reindeer pal! Sven stands over 3 feet tall from hoof to antler and supports a child up to 70 lbs. Feed Sven his carrot to hear him make real chomping sounds. Pull on Sven’s reins or press his head for galloping sounds and to hear him say phrases in Kristoff’s hilarious “Sven” voice!! Don’t forget to cuddle up to Sven’s soft faux fur mane too. Purchase for $69.00 at

Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf

Embark on your own adventure with the Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf feature plush. Use the snowflake controller to bring Olaf to life with movement, phrases and music. This adorable and fun plush is just as animated and lovable as the Olaf in the movie! When activated to speak, his mouth opens and closes, head turns side to side, eyes open and close, and he can even raise his eyebrows. Olaf will follow the blue snowflake image projected by the snowflake controller! Everyone will love singing along with Olaf as he sings a new song from Disney Frozen 2. Olaf even says some of his signature phrases from the movie. The Follow Me Friend Olaf requires 4 x AA batteries (included). Snowflake controller requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Ages 3+ Purchase for $34.99 at or

Monopoly Game: Disney Frozen 2 Edition Board Game

Journey through Arendelle and beyond! In this Monopoly Board Game: Disney Frozen 2 Edition, players travel around the board buying up magical locations inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 movie. The Properties are scenes from the movie, and come in color sets. If a player lands on a Snowflake space or draws a certain Chance card, they can place the Snowflake token on any property they own. Whoever lands there has to pay double rent. The last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins! Purchase for $10.07 at or $9.99 at


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  1. Well, what a great article, I do believe that the Disney frozen 2 was and still ranked well along the internet, but now having the Disney frozen 2 toys brings great exposure to out children, they feel as if they are part of the Disney, personally I bought the ice castle this year for my daughter, and she is always fascinated about it, currently I have be researching on the Disney frozen sleigh power ride on, and I am lucky just to find it on your article I am sure to grab it soon, as for now I have to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.

    1. Yes Joy Disney Frozen 2 is still ranked very well on the internet and these toys help our children feel they are part of the Disney movie as mention. Will continue to add more Disney frozen toys for suggestions and opinions. 

  2. Hi Jannette, thank you very much for writing a great article about Disney frozen 2 toys. “Disney Frozen 2 Princess Anna Adventure Doll” is very nice and gorgeous to look. I have a little question about it, has it support music for kids entertainment? I hope you will write a similar review in future.

  3. Excellent article, and great timing.  I would definitely buy the Disney Frozen 2 Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset with Lights and Moving Balcony for my granddaughter – she can definitely enjoy it.  She gets bored with most of the toys – but I doubt if she can be seperated from this one.  Picking up the logos scatterred all over becomes a nightmare, as she is not willing to take part most of the time – so no more logos for her.  This is a great niche.

  4. Hi, Jannette.
    Thanks for sharing the review of Disney Frozen2 toys. All twelve varieties are breathless in design and eye-catching. I would love to purchase the ultimate Arendelle Castle as it seems too good to be gifted for my daughters’ birthday. I am surprised why Lego came up with a really small design of Elsa’s jewelry box as it would have been much bigger to excite my kids.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  5. Hi there. You were asking if I would you buy Disney frozen 2 toys,,, of course I would definitely. Frozen II is one of the best movies so far with a lot of positive impacts and influence on every one and all ages and especially for children 😊😍

    These toys are so adorable and beautiful too, thanks for sharing.

  6. You really have eyes for beautiful things and I must admit the fact that all these toys you have taken your time to research for are stunning. These are perfect gifts for the little ones and I am sure they’d love mummy more just as they love everything beautiful about Frozen.

    The two Lego products are really nice because they’re educational toys and would help our children educationally. I also love the ride toy by Disney (the Last one in this list.

    1. I bought these two Frozen 2 toys and donated to community in North Carolina for children have a Christmas. The Play date Sven Kid Size Feature and Follow me Olaf. Have updated this review with the two toys, they are awesome. 

  7. Yes I would buy Frozen 2 toys if my kids we younger. I remember when my kids were young and how much fun we had with our Disney toys. Looking at the past Frozen movie I’m sure the toys are going to be a big it. Probably make more money with the toy. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Personally I wouldn’t but for my adopted daughter, yes I would! My girlfriend’s daughter I consider as one of my own and she is a big fan of the Disney Frozen videos/movies. With Christmas right around the corner, choosing one of these Frozen 2 items you have reviewed here will help guide me and my girlfriend to make an informed decision.

    I am a bit old school so I am very interested in anything having to do with LEGO. I think this helps to encourage imagination during the hands-on building process. My girlfriend on the other hand would probably want something more flashy like the 12-Volt Battery Ride-On Sleigh. Either way we have some great selections here. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is perfect, my daughter was already asking for Frozen 2 items after watching the movie this past weekend. There are a lot of options here that we could choose from, I think I like the Lego idea, she likes playing with Legos anyways so that will work out nicely. Thank you so much for putting this list together, it helps my holiday shopping a lot!

  10. Actually, my daughter is a big time lover of the Disney world especially, frozen. Now that 2 is out and also received great recognition on the internet too, it would be safe to allow her see the movie too plus getting some very beautiful toys in it for them too. Getting toys for them would make her kids feel they are in some ways share connections with the movie. Hence, this is a great one from you. Thanks for sharing

  11. Frozen 1 was a big hit and everyone knew about it, now that 2 is out, it’s really interesting to find out that it’s toys that are modelled after the movie are out. My girls won’t let me sleep until I get some of these toys for them, I think the dolls are really nice and it’ll be a great idea to but it for them. Thanks for such help.

  12. Hello.! Jannette.!
    Thanks for sharing your review of Disney Frozen 2 Toys. “Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Fashion Doll and Nokk Figure Playset Doll” is very nice. I would love to buy it at Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Fashion Doll and Nokk Figure Playset because I think it would be great for my daughter’s birthday gift and I have a strong belief my daughter will be very happy to receive this gift. I have a question I live in Bangladesh how do I buy it Jannette will help me a little.

  13. Hi Jannette, wonderful article on disney frozen2 toys. Every childrens most favourite toys they are dreaming of. By the technology of internet every one knows frozen and frozen2 movies. As well as their amazing and lucrative character toys. All the toys seems too good to be gifted for kids birthday surprise. I like most Disney Frozen Sleigh power ride and would buy soon.

    People would glad to find many eye catching toys in your article, which their kids always fascinated about.

  14. It is crazy the amount of merchandise that comes out for a movie now.  So many different companies getting in on the Disney licensing bandwagon for Frozen 2.  I think the ride on sleigh and the jewelry box are about my faves.

    Frozen 2 is certainly super popular and will be throughout the holiday season.  Do you think some of these Frozen 2 toys could be the “IT” toy for Christmas 2019?  

  15. The very name Disney, conjures up a wonderland of fun, for children,and virtually all, they put out, is a great hit,with the children.    And of course, parents are also happy, to see these new toys, for their children.

    Based on the hit movies,children are already enthusiastic, about the toys from the first movie,and as we start to get these new toys, there is already a demand, for the new Princess Anna, and Elsa sister, as well as for all the other castles and jewelry boxes,as well as the other dolls. Honeymaren ,and Ryder.

    The Frozen Sleigh, is the greatest and gets my vote, I really like this toy, and it will give joy, to your children, for a long time to come.     The Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace is also cute,with Elsa and Olaf,with all the lights and sounds,and exiting action and the growing castle.

    I am sure, that there is no doubt, that these toys, from both the Frozen Movies,will be a big hit, with both children, as well as parents.


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