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Hanging of Christmas stockings dates back over 100 years when Clement Clarke Moore written poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas, the stockings were hung up near the fireplace, waiting a visit from Santa Claus. Hanging of Christmas stockings has been tradition for many years and continued to be family tradition.

The stockings are not just for kids, they are also made for adults and your furry pets. These stockings can be filled with wide variety of items rather large or small. Below is list to get you started with shopping for new Christmas Stockings and most important don’t forget your furry pets.

Aitey Christmas Stocking, 18″ Set of 3 Santa

Aitey Christmas StockingChristmas Decorations- This Christmas stocking has a large top opening and a spacious interior that is perfect for candy of all kinds, small gifts, and stocking stuffers for an even more exciting Christmas morning! Super Size- 22.5cm x 46cm x 26.5cm. 3D Applique Design- Christmas stocking is made out of high-quality cloth and comes with a sturdy hanging loop to ensure you can hang it safely and easily – It’s perfectly Holiday decorations. Price $14.99 Buy Now

Kunyida Pack 4, Unique Burgundy and Ivory White Knit Christmas Stockings 14″

Kunyida14″ long,width:5″.WITHOUT LINING.The length is shorter than standard size 18″,so the stocking will remain the shape and hold little gift well even without liner. The knitted patterns are place in BOTH SIDE,you can hang it from left to right OR from right to left. For decor or small gift,you can fill candies or chocolates,watch,folding wallet,ties,gift cards,small toy cars,etc. Price $19.71 Buy Now

Valery Madelyn 21 inch Joyful Pet Christmas Stockings Personalized 3D Dog Stockings

Dog Christmas Stocking

Our Christmas stocking features joyful, festive and chic hue with good shape.

Brushed material with 3D doggie, attached a loop to hang. The blend of joyful pet design and faux fur cuff offer you better choice for Christmas decorations. Also catch your pets’ eye when bring it home. There has a button in cuff inside. Each Christmas stocking was hanged with a Santa greeting card, which is a perfect gift for your friends and family. Price  $15.99 Buy Now

Valery Madelyn 21 inch Woodland Christmas Stockings with 3D Reindeer

Reindeer Stocking

21 Inch Christmas Stocking. Our woodland Christmas stocking features 3D reindeer face, classic, festive and chic hue with good shape. The blend of novel 3D reindeer and alternative patchwork offer you best choice for Christmas decorations. Santa Greeting Card. Each Christmas stocking was hanged with a Santa greeting card, which is a perfect gift for your friends and family. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you! Price $13.99 Buy Now 

Sunnyglade 3PCS 18″ Christmas Stocking Family Holiday Christmas Party Decorations

Family Christmas Stockings

Christmas is coming. Do you want to have a special Christmas? If you are hosting Christmas for your family this year, you can got these so everyone has a stocking. I believe this is a very nice Christmas gift. When Santa knocked at the door, are your Christmas stockings ready? And give your children an unexpected surprise. Warm colors bring warm thoughts of the holidays in our new stocking collection. When it’s cold outside and you just want to bundle up, you know that Christmas is coming and it’s time to get the gifts ready. Our personalized stockings are adorned with appliques of your favorite holiday characters. It will fit most of what is on his/her Christmas list. Great for Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma and your favorite Little Boy or Girl. Christmas will be jolly with this fun and adorable stocking. Price $13.99 Buy Now

JOYIN 4 Pack 18” Knit Christmas Stockings

Joyin Christmas Stocking

Premium pack of 4 Large knit Christmas stockings knitted with patterns reindeer, Christmas tree, and snowflakes. Big! Christmas stockings are 18”; fill as many candies and gifts as you want, they will not limit your gifts’ size; your kids will be impressed and Happy. Premium quality. Nicely knitted patterns for both sides with sturdy and softy yarn. Perfect for Holiday Decoration. Best Christmas Decorations, Gift and Treat Bags. Your family and friends will love them. Price $11.95 Buy Now

Aitbay Christmas Stockings, 4 Pack 18″ Big Xmas Stockings

Aitbay Christmas Stockings, 4 Pack 18" Big Xmas StockingsORIGINAL DESIGN: Great value 4 pack Xmas stockings with Snowflake, Santa, Snowman and Reindeer. Put carefully selected gifts for the family and children. They will look great when hanging to Christmas tree. Perfect decoration for Christmas, New Year at home, restaurant, club, bar. LARGE 18″ SIZE: Each Christmas stocking has a 3″ hanging rope for easy to display. 20″ diagonal at widest point. Top opening is 8″ wide. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of 20% Plush, 70% Burlap. All the details are incredible crafted, Perfect for filling with a range of gifts. Price $21.99 Buy Now 

LimBridge Christmas Stockings, 6 Pack 18 inches Plaid Snowflake Print Christmas Stockings

Limbridge 6 Pack StockingsClassic tartan plaid design with printed white snowflakes. Add rustic traditional touch to your Xmas decor. Beautiful holiday decor, ready to hang on stocking holders on fireplace mantel. Red and green plaid theme. Match with LimBridge plaid snowflake fridge door handle covers and mini stockings. Soft fleece white cuff. Double-layer design, sturdy and durable. Can be used for several years. Price $23.99 Buy Now

LimBridge Christmas Stockings, 3 Pack 20 inches Large Knit Knitted Classic Xmas Stocking

LimBridge Christmas Stockings, 3 Pack 20 inches Large Knit Knitted Classic XmasNew & exclusive design. Classic off white and wine red. Simple pattern. Rustic style. Top quality. Heavy yarn, double layers. Sturdy enough to last many years.  20″ large roomy size, and still stretch enough to hold many gifts & treats. Thick yarn loop, ready to hang on hook holder from mantel, table, door, wall or wherever you want. Price $12.99 Buy Now

Kurt Adler Red and Cream Knit Stockings 2 Assorted

2 Knot StockingsThese Red and Cream Knit Stockings by Kurt Adler are a beautifully vintage addition to any holiday decor!
Kurt Adler specializes in beautifully detailed Christmas Ornaments and holiday seasonal decor designed exclusively with your needs in mind!
Create beautiful holiday memories to treasures for generations to come! Makes the perfect Gift for family and friends. Price $16.97 Buy Now 

Aitbay Christmas Stockings, 2 Pack 18″ Christmas Dog and Cat Stockings

Cat and Dog Stocking3D pet pattern. The dog Christmas stockings is holding its favorite bones and cat Christmas stockings is holding its loved fish. Both bones and fish are all designed as envelopes. Very innovative. Aitbay Christmas stockings with a sturdy hanging loop can decorate any place you want, like fireplace, Christmas tree, stairs, window, at the end of the bed, etc. It can also be a wonderful Christmas gift for everyone. Price $12.99 Buy Now

Aiduy Set of 3 Christmas Stockings Decoration with Cute 3D Plush Santa Snowman Reindeer Xmas Stockings

Aiduy Set of 3 Christmas Stockings Decoration with Cute 3D Plush Santa Snowman Reindeer Xmas StockingsDisplay on your fireplaces, mantel, stair case, christmas tree, at the end of the bed for a colorfully fun decorations for Christmas scene, or make a great Christmas gift for your family and friend, create precious holiday memories! 18″ Christmas Stocking with a sturdy hanging loop for easy display, large enough for the family and children to put presents, candy and stuff , strong enough to hold lots of goodies and stuffers. Price $15.99 Buy Now

Sure hope you enjoy these Christmas stockings have chosen in list above as I enjoyed gathering the products to display here in this article.

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  1. I love these ideas! This is our first Christmas in our new house, and I wanted to get some matching stockings for the family to start a tradition. Can’t decide which ones I want, although there are a couple sets of three that I like which would be perfect since there’s 6 of us. Thank you so much for sharing these, I can’t wait to see what they will look like over our fireplace.

    1. I understand the need for shopping with new house, am also in new house. My grand kids wants to help decorate, so had to buy Christmas stockings after making decision not to make our own. 

  2. OMG!! Thank you for this timely post. These decorated Christmas Stockings look great! I have always loved giving Christmas stockings to people during the holiday season because you can fill them with all sorts of little gifts, toiletries, and/or candy. Plus the person receiving the stocking will have an added gift as the stocking itself, which they can re-use as a decoration or to give to someone else.

    One of my sisters who is very talented in sewing and creating anything having to do with fabric used to make all of our family Christmas stockings. I really like all of the 3D stockings showcased in this product review. Though a Christmas stocking is festive to begin with, I feel that the 3D kind tends to standout. I am definitely gong to share this with my girlfriend for gift ideas.

  3. Hi Jannette. Christmas is fast approaching, a season to celebrate the birth of the saviour of the whole world with our family, friends, loved ones and the world at large. Christmas brings so much joy and puts smile on the faces of both old and young knowing that the season marks a season where the saviour was born.

    Thak you so much for sharing these beautiful decorated Christmas stockings. They looked really very beautiful. How did you manage to select these? Job well done!

  4. Thank you very much Jannette for taking out your time to share with us the 12 beautiful decorated Christmas stockings. All these are beautiful especially the first one on the list which is the Aitey Christmas Stocking, 18″ Set of 3 Santa. The one with bone on it has some texts that sound funny to me. Seems like all these cannot be put on but only hanged. Right? They are quite easy to afford.

    1. These Christmas stockings are hanging ones, I use stocking holder hooks to hang the stockings. The hooks can be bought in different designs also. 

  5. I know the Holidays are upon us (for me anyway) when I start reading and searching for stuff like this.  I love these stockings, especially the stuffed snowman one!  It reminds me of the year I got my sewing machine, and I handmade a beautiful cloth wreath for my mother that she still hangs up to this day.  I painstakingly sewed all the leaves and holly berries.  These stockings are unique and beautiful, and I do not have to get out my sewing machine, LOL!  Thanks for brightening my holiday and giving me some great ideas.

    1. You are very welcome. With world wide web now and most business selling already made items like these stockings, don’t have to make your own or travel to craft store. 

  6. Hi very cool website and awesome topic that’s very suitable for this time of the year. How’s the delivery service with these stockings? Would someone ordering right now get their stockings before Christmas Day? I know how busy this time of the year can be for the holidays and delivery service.

    1. Each one of these stockings are found on Amazon, if click on Picture of stockings you are interested in takes you to purchase site and with prime membership receive within 2 days. 

  7. Ah yes, the festive season is here! My favourite time of year! It’s such a great feeling waking up on Christmas with a full stocking, so it’s even better when you have a great looking stocking to boot! You have selected some awesome choices here, they all look great! Keep up these awesome reviews!

  8. Oh I love Christmas stockings! Gift giving is so fun to me, I really enjoy seeing people open my gifts. You have covered some beautiful and joyful decorated Christmas stockings in  your review, they are so good! While I really like the reindeer stockings, I think my favorites are either the JOYIN 18” Christmas stockings or the classic LimBridge Christmas stockings. I want them all lol, thx.

    1. My daughter has two fire place mantels and has 12 Christmas stockings up already that includes her children along with her pets. 

  9. Its that time of the year again where everyone is looking for stuff to make their Christmas a little more memorable. The only thing about getting these socks is that they may never put them again until the next Christmas. This is why I love the Kurt Adler Red and Cream Knit Stockings, though they don’t have much decoration you can still put them on after Christmas and still feel okay plus I intend to get them for my side, they look motherly, and old fashioned and sweet. Thanks of this adorable listing.

  10. OMG, I love xmas, i love stockings, and this post has fulfilled me with joy and memories of good food around the table, I can’t wait til december! 

    Thanks a lot for sharing all this love with us, keep up the good work, and I wish you and your family lots or success, health, love, and of course the best food and holiday season ever!

  11. I haven’t seen Christmas stockings in the house since I was a kid, and I wish that I have one this year because these stockings always make the living room feel more festive. I like the 6-pack one because I can hang 3 in the living room and the other 3 in my bedroom. I also like the one for pets because I do have 2 dogs and they would love something like this, I could put some treats in there and see if they can find it.

    1. Yes have growing family with more grand kids on the way, so need more Christmas stockings. Taught the Pet stockings is great idea, as our pets part of family and they cannot be left out. 

  12. Tis the season!  These are great stockings.  Just looking at these has put me in the Christmas spirit. The detail is impeccable!  Cutos to the designers!  My favorites are the 3D reindeer and the Aitey Christmas stocking. I am definitely putting these on my shopping list. 

    Thanks for this opportunity!


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