2 Strategies to be Successful Affiliate Marketer

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Each affiliate will have their own tactics when promoting the affiliate links of their choice. All affiliates must follow the terms of service provided by the merchant for their affiliate program, but still have more freedom when choosing which strategy to use for the promotion of the affiliate links. Most affiliate marketers promote the chosen affiliate links together with content using all methods they usually use; this includes social media and email marketing.

Publishing Product Reviews

Affiliates use product reviews regularly. If find a product or service like to promote, write blog post as review for the product or service. This review content will perform well among the target audience because will provide the reader helpful tips. Most importantly, product reviews written by someone they know, and respect ranks high for them. Opinion shared by someone they trust can be worth much more than any advertising or promotional message.

In fact, a lot of the success is based on trust. Creating truth and being visible about links you advertise is going to help with the connection with your audience. Bogus reviews, encouraging ones are exclusively designed for profit through affiliate marketing, but they do not perform as well as honest reviews posted by influencers.

Approach for sharing product reviews has a high transition rate because the online users who visit these websites are ready to buy. They merely explore their choices and want to know a little bit more about the merchandise or its features. Therefore, this type of an article can increase the chance of achieving conversion through the affiliate links. The importance in the product is already there, and the post is supposed to persuade the visitor to click on the link and eventually buy.

In Addition, product reviews can rank very high in the search engines due to their title that uses keywords. For example, type in “Google Pixel 4” in the search field in the search engine Google, you are likely to see the reviews just below the website title.

When associates create this kind of post, they use merchandise name in the title, which helps them rank high for the related inquiries, thus improving their SEO.

Merchandise review is an approach often used by associate websites that base their bearing on product assessment and reviews. For this type of website, associates usually focus in a single topic and then feature reviews related to that topic, usually with assessment feature incorporated for easier search of the website.

Within the review strategy the publisher should include details describing the product, highlights of features the product offers, the benefits and drawbacks, images to reflect the product, price with discounts if available, sharing of users of the product, compare to similar products from competitors, other products by the same brand like reason to upgrade “Google Pixel 2 to 3 or Google Pixel 3 to 4”.

This post contains affiliate link

Product mentioning

As an Alternative of focusing your entire blog post on just one product, like with reviews, product mentioning is with affiliate link added. This product is usually a part of a post on a topic that is somehow related to the product. For example, could write a meatloaf recipe blog post and then mention meatloaf pan needed for the recipe. This way, you simply mention the product without describing it much and going into details about product features and price.

When doing this need to have written in your content that “this post contains affiliate links”. In your post can high light Meat loaf pan and insert affiliate link, when readers see meat loaf pan different color, they will click on that to be taken to that product to purchase and you earn commission.  The common place for the product mention is your blog post, but your affiliate link can also be shared of social media sites. The benefit of this strategy method is the fact that there is no need to devote your time to writing a full-length product review. As an Alternative, you keep your blog about the topics you usually write about, but product mention becomes a tactic to monetize your blog and discover the option of earning through passive income. As always, it is prudent only to feature the products you have used and can truly recommend. This will help you maintain credibility and reputation with your online readers.


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