5 Best Cookware Sets Under $100

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Here are 5 best Cookware Sets Under $100 that are five-star ratings according to recent buyers. We cannot try out everything before we buy online, but we can return the product for exchange or refund if the product is not to your liking.

When shopping for cookware sets, make sure to read the return policy and make sure the returns are accepted preferably longer than 15-days. Also, when reading and agreeing to the return policy check and see what the return fee is in and if the buyer or the company pays for return shipping. If these two are paid for by the buyer, it could run up in cost and you only get partial refund credit.

In a recent review, have written about how to shop for cookware according to their material and if they are scratch-free.

Now here are the Best 5 Cookware Sets Under $100.

AmazonBasics 8-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set


Amazon is making a living luxury a bit more affordable according to one reviewer. “These are nonstick pans, but they are not copper quality or anything, but for everyday use, they are nine times out of ten, not a letdown.” Many are impressed with the quality and many more say it is a great set if you are just starting out or starting over. Some reviewers mentioned that they use in their RV or vacation home, but no matter where you choose to use, most reviewers are pleased with the nonstick coating. Price $41.49

T-Fal Initiatives Nonstick 18 Piece Cookware Set

This is the biggest set on our list, “This cookware set has every pan you will need,” according to one reviewer. “Maybe even more than you need.” In addition to standard pieces like a pot and two frying pans, the set comes with a few extras, the griddle and set of utensils, one reviewer described them as “not cheap and flimsy.” The functionality of the pots and pans, one reviewer said,” They cook evenly and get hot quick.” Other reviewers commented on how nonstick the pots are. One reviewer forgot to spray oil on the pan before making pancakes, “They turned out fine even without the nonstick spray.” Making the set easy to clean, if you were to have a tough stain or residue, you can put the set in the dishwasher for deep cleaning. Price $89.00

Cuisinart Stainless 7 Piece Cookware Set

Many reviewers said that this is a basic set and affordable way to upgrade to stainless steel. One reviewer said “This is a great deal. They have a good weight to them, heat up fast, and cook evenly. Whenever anyone sees the set, they are surprised about the quality of the set. Never owned anything other than nonstick cookware, this was a real upgrade.” Another review said “this is the perfect set for small minimal kitchens. This cookware set has all the right sizes for anyone that wants just the basics.” The thick bases work great for even heat distribution, and they hold the heat beautifully. Also, all-metal construction allows for even oven use making this set a great starter set for someone who wants to try little of everything. Price $99.95

Cook N Home 10 Piece Cookware Set

This set is compared to cast iron and stainless-steel sets. Reviewers could not believe how nonstick the ceramic coating is. One customer said, “They were a little leery of the ceramic nonstick, but they are a believer now.” Many reviewers also loved the overall look of the cookware set, “I am beyond pleased with my purchase decision, a pretty retro avocado that is not muddy and every piece perfect without any blemishes”. “All the lids are interchangeable, fits perfectly to every piece, love the interchangeable lids. Price $74.28

GreenLife 16 Piece Ceramic Cookware Set

Nothing Like the Cook N Home ceramic cookware collection, this GreenLife set also comes with utensils. “I love, love these pots and pans,” writes one customer, who lost her expensive pots and pans in a move and bought these as a substitute. “They are easy to clean, they are easy to cook with, there are so many pieces to the set, including utensils, and they are gorgeous.” Another reviewer also likes the look, referring to the set as “cheery.” Just as essential, she says this cookware is “truly nonstick. I’m able to wipe out or clean messes easily.” She also notes, “The handles do not heat up like my old pots and pans, so you do not need to use potholders.” Another reviewer sums up the set this way: “Super easy to clean — no scrubbing at all — and they are very durable and truly nonstick.” Price $85.99

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