Best 8 Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes To Keep Favorites Safe

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Best 8 Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes To Keep Favorites Safe

It may be the most beautiful time of the year, but digging out your boxes from storage and sifting through your disorganized decorations can quickly turn even the happiest elf into the Grinch.

You can give Future You the greatest gift of all: These brilliant yet straightforward Christmas ornament storage boxes will keep your decorations perfectly organized for countless years. To prevent fragile items from being crushed, the best storage boxes have a sturdy, protective exterior. Additionally, many have individual compartments and translucent design elements to keep things even neater. As your collection grows, they can hold all of your ornaments and provide some extra space.

As much as we love nostalgia, that flimsy cardboard box from the ’90s holding your family heirlooms needs to go. Check out these Christmas ornament storage options to keep your favorites safely tucked away after the holidays.

The Best Window Boxed-The Holiday Aisle Wickley Moisture-Resistant Christmas Ornament Storage

Keep your ornaments safe and easy to find with this ornament storage box.
Its multilayered orientation holds a whopping 120 ornaments. Reviewers love that the partitions are flexible, which makes it a great value for its large storage capacity. Check Price Wayfair

Best Multipurpose- ZOBER 2-in-1 Christmas Decoration Storage Box

The Christmas ornament storage box holds a lot more than just ornaments for the tree. A number of adjustable ornament cubbies are included, as well as a taller storage area for lights or other decorations. The partitions are removable with Velcro, so you have a lot of flexibility.

There is also space under the top flap as well as both sides for anything that fits and isn’t too fragile. When you see this bag, you know the holidays are near. Check Price Amazon

Best for Ornaments & Lights Treekeeper Three-Tray Ornament Storage

Treekeeper’s large-scale organizer lets you organize your Christmas ornaments and lights in one place. The fabric partitions are a little more rigid (and more attractive) than cardboard partitions. They are also adjustable.
It has a large pocket on the front that can be used for lights, garlands, or even a tree angel if she fits!  Check Price Wayfair

Heavy Duty-IRIS Ornament Storage

You will never have to worry about losing another precious ornament due to a faulty storage box again! Each of these large plastic tubs holds 75 ornaments, and the dividers can be removed to provide extra space.
The wing-lid cover stays attached to the box, so you won’t have to worry about it during holiday decorating. Check Price Home Depot and Walmart.

Smaller Ornaments-6-Tier Stackable Storage Container Box

Try this cheaper option if your ornaments are on the smaller side. Its six interlocking tiers can hold up to 10 ornaments each, but the partitions can be moved around to accommodate larger pieces as well. It’s just under 14 inches tall, so if you have a large collection, you might want to get several.
As its glittery plastic build prevents moisture damage, this Christmas ornament storage is a great choice if you’re worried about moisture damage.  Check Price Amazon

Vencer Green Drawer Christmas 64 Ornament Storage

We love how neat this one is. This storage option is great if you have a large collection of ball ornaments.
Soft silky exterior (also available in red), so it’s best for hiding in a closet or somewhere it won’t get wet or crushed. Check Price Amazon

Mantel Storage-The Holiday Aisle Christmas Ornament Storage Box

This extra-large storage solution is perfect for storing decorations that simply don’t fit anywhere else, including nutcrackers, mantel Santas, and irregularly shaped ornaments!
Due to the plastic viewing windows, this 12×24-inch box contains eight flexible compartments that can be viewed clearly. Check Price Wayfair

Simple-Handy Laundry Christmas Ornament Storage


This Christmas ornament storage box comprises four levels of partitioned sections to keep ornaments securely stacked in place until you’re ready to trim the tree. The partitions are comprised of cardboard pieces that link together, and you can actually remove parts of them if you want to store longer decorations that won’t fit in a small square.

In addition, this canvas box has a label window on the outside, two carrying straps, and a zip-up top to keep dust out. The whole thing folds flat to store when it’s empty. Check Price Amazon




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