Best 8 Dressers to Boost Every Style And Space

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Best 8 Dressers to Boost Every Style And Space

Dressers. There are so many of them, and we don’t know how to narrow them down. We’ve needed a new dresser or two for the past, oh, five years, and yet, here we are, paralyzed, with options spinning in our heads. We searched Wayfair, Amazon, and Walmart to find the best dressers for every need and are ready to organize our socks.


There are several factors to consider when buying a dresser. Material is an obvious consideration. Would you prefer wood? What about a metallic finish? Cloth? There is no end to the possibilities. The longevity of wood or manufactured wood means a dresser isn’t something you want to replace every year, so it probably pays to invest in a material you like and that matches your home’s interior.

Budgets are also important. We looked at dressers at a variety of price points to fit a wide range of budgets.

Take into account how the drawers are attached as well for ease of use. If you want to avoid playing yank-a-knob every time you grab a new T-shirt, ball-bearing or roller glides are your best bet.

We hate to break it to you, but you’re probably going to have to put together either part of your dresser or the entire dresser. You should scan the assembly section when deciding which to buy so you know what accessories are provided, what tools you’ll need, and if you’ll need more than one adult to do the project.

Finally, a tip-over restraint device or wall anchor is nice to have for larger dressers for safety, especially if you have small children (a light or fabric dresser doesn’t require this), so we scanned descriptions to make sure this was mentioned.


We evaluated dozens of dresser models across a range of price points since we know dressers can range from fairly affordable to jaw-droppingly expensive. (We also assumed that if you have $5,000 to spend on a dresser, you’re probably able to hire an interior designer to do the grunt work or are knee-deep in your own luxury search, so we only considered dressers under $1,200.)

We also consulted professionals from Wayfair, The Novogratz, and elsewhere to find out what their top picks were for the best dressers. We tested for different categories – tall, nightstand, fabric, and drawer sizes – so there would be solid options for different space constraints and preferences.

To make the process as easy as possible, we looked for products with simple, step-by-step instructions and included all parts necessary for assembly. If not otherwise specified, these dressers require assembly upon arrival. Assembly can range from a fairly minimal one-person job to something you might need to outsource on TaskRabbit or that requires a second set of hands.

What about that tip-over restraint device? These have ’em when needed, and they are definitely worth installing to ensure your dresser stays securely in place.

Best Overall Dressers -Hayley 6-Drawer Double Dresser

Best Overall-Hayley 6-Drawer Double Dresser


Dressers are likely to last you a decade or more. We recommend you choose something classic that won’t go out of style. Kelly Clarkson Home’s handsome double dresser is classic without being stuffy and blends well with a wide range of aesthetics.
We like the spacious drawers, bracket feet, framed drawer fronts, and brown wooden top. Also, we love the way we feel every time we open a drawer in this solid and engineered wood piece. In addition to the distressed white finish on the front, the ball-bearing glides in the drawers make grabbing a T-shirt or pair of socks a snap, and it’s made in the U.S.A.
A set of removable hardware is included for easy assembly; jealous looks from house guests are not included but are certain to ensue every time this eye-catching beauty is spotted. Check Price Wayfair

Best Premium Dressers-Williams 7-Drawer Dresser

Best Premium Dresser

With solid and manufactured wood construction, this minimalist dresser is available in acorn, black, walnut, and white. With seven drawers on metal ball-bearing slides, it’s easy to open and close, and the beveled edges and splayed legs evoke a bit of mid-century modern charm. The piece is durable, offers plenty of storage, and matches a variety of decor schemes. Additionally, it includes felt-lined drawers, removable hardware for assembly, and a tip-over restraint device.
Note that no two items have the same grain color, finish, or wood knots, which we also adore. With its wood knots and stylish hardware, it may not cost thousands of dollars, but it sure looks like a custom piece. Check Price Wayfair

Best Under $400 Dressers-Blodgett 4-Drawer Chest

Best Under $400-Blodgett 4-Drawer Chest

Farmhouse chic without overdoing it. This visually appealing chest is crafted from manufactured wood and comes with nice hardware (all included).
Assembling this dresser is straightforward and fuss-free thanks to the T-lock drawer system and slide-on moldings. The dresser comes with a tip-over-resistant device. The drawers have roller glides. It’s just a matter of putting on your PJs. Check Price Wayfair

Best Budget-Owen 4-Drawer Chest

Best Budget-Owen 4-Drawer Chest

Featuring laminated particleboard and metal legs, this dresser will free up closet space. Additionally, the metal slides in each drawer make it easy to open and close. With the purchase of this dresser, a tip-over restraint device is included. It is available in black and gray.
It’s not recommended to place TVs or other heavy items on top of this dresser. Check Price Wayfair

Budget Runner Up-Daley Dresser

This wallet-friendly dresser is available in white, black, or gray. Personally, we like the look of the six-drawer option, which has deep drawers that can hold up to 60 pounds. In addition to its anti-tip anchoring hardware, the dresser features steel handles, easy-to-follow instructions, and removable hardware. Check Price Amazon


Best Tall-Bryant 5-Drawer Chest

Best Tall-Bryant 5-Drawer Chest

Are you looking for a tall dresser? Whether you need a dresser for linens, to keep bras and underwear in your closet, or simply to fit in a small space in your bedroom, this is the one for you.
A manufactured and solid wood piece, this piece is available in white, espresso, and red. There are ball-bearing glides in each drawer, as well as a tip-over-resistant device. Check Price Wayfair

Best Metallic-Antique Silver Cain 6-Drawer Double Dresser

Best Metallic Dressers-Antique Silver Cain 6-Drawer Double Dresser

Sometimes, you just need a little glimmer. One of the best antique silver dressers we’ve seen (also available in silver with gold trimmings). This dresser has six drawers so it can hold all your clothes, undergarments, or electronic wires that you just want out of the way. It comes assembled and each drawer can hold 30 pounds. A wall anchor is included for added safety. Check Price Wayfair

Best Fabric-Jalyn 5-Drawer Storage Chest

Best Fabric Dressers -Jalyn 5-Drawer Storage Chest

Fabric storage chests are an affordable option, and the dresser on Wayfair has four deep drawers in four attractive colors – turquoise, charcoal, gray, and pink – as well as a sturdy metal frame. This is a particularly nice option for kids’ rooms or home offices. Check Price Wayfair


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