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Looking for Kitchen Carts to help with storage options in your home. There are many different brands of storage kitchen carts, and we have narrowed the list down to the best 5.

Every kitchen needs storage. However, if your home doesn’t have built-in shelves and cabinets, it can be hard to figure out what to do. The good news is there are plenty of quick ways to add more storage to your space – and buying a kitchen cart is one of the most affordable options.

A kitchen cart is just a portable storage cart that you can use in your kitchen. Kitchen islands can be sleek shelving units or full-blown kitchen islands. They’re often lined with shelves, cabinets, and hooks. Whichever kitchen cart you choose, you’ll get extra storage space. In many cases, you can also expect extra counter space.

Think about why you need a kitchen cart before you buy one. What do you need to store? Kitchen cart storage arrangements vary widely, so knowing what you need can help you decide which option is right for you. Size and material are also important factors to consider. Ultimately, your kitchen cart needs to fit inside your kitchen, and ideally, it should look good inside it, as well.

Here are some of the best kitchen carts you can score to help you understand your options.

All-around best: Andover Mills Raabe 32″ Wide Rolling Kitchen Cart with Solid Wood Top

The Best Kitchen Carts

You can’t go wrong with Andover Mills’ Raabe Kitchen Cart if you’re looking for a classic design. It is sleek, minimalist, and straightforward. Its muted palette makes it a seamless addition to just about any space.


  • Classic Design

  • Butcher Block

  • Variety of storage

  • Includes wheels


  • Available in one size

  • Comes in one color only.

The cart is crafted from solid wood and painted a crisp white. With its butcher block top, you can prep meals without worrying about heat exposure, impact, and the regular wear and tear of a kitchen. The wheeled cart has two spacious shelves, which can readily be stocked with essentials, and a built-in rack for storing tea towels. Check Price @WayFair

Budget-friendly: Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Cart

Budget-friendly: Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Cart

Looking for a well-rounded kitchen cart that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Amazon’s Amazon Basics Kitchen Cart. The cart is 3-feet tall and offers ample storage space. However, it isn’t too large to disturb your living space. The four wheels allow you to move it around your space until you find the perfect spot for it.


  •  Budget Friendly

  •  Variety of storage

  •  Removable Cutting Board


  • Low weight capacity

  •  Available one size only

  • List Item 3

The kitchen cart is made of durable chrome-plated steel and has a wood top that can be used as a cutting board. It has two metal shelves as well as built-in hooks that you can use to hang pots, pans, towels, and more. Check Price @Amazon

Best-Small: Origami Kitchen Cart

Best-Small: Origami Kitchen Cart

With The Container Store’s Origami Kitchen Cart, you can add a little storage to your space in a small space. Despite its compact design, the cart is still large enough to be useful at 3-feet tall by 2-feet wide. Its built-in wheels allow you to move it around the room easily.

Featuring metal shelves that can hold up to 50 pounds each, the kitchen cart is topped with a thick butcher block slab that can withstand 100 pounds of weight. However, the best thing about this kitchen cart is not its efficiency-it’s its foldability. The cart can be folded in half whenever it’s not in use, so it’s a great space saver for kitchens with limited space. Check Price @The Container Store

The best butcher block: IKEA Vadholma Kitchen Island

The best butcher block: IKEA Vadholma Kitchen Island

Vadholma is more of a portable kitchen island than a kitchen cart, but it’s still a stylish option. Particleboard and solid wood are used to construct the island. The top is topped with a gorgeous slab of butcher’s board.

The island is three feet tall, nearly three feet wide, and two feet deep, so it will take up a lot of room in your kitchen. You will receive two shelves, a drawer, a towel rack, and some additional counter space in exchange for this valuable real estate. Check Price @IKEA

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Best Granite: Andover Mills Elise 27″ Rolling Kitchen Cart

Best Granite: Andover Mills Elise 27' Rolling Kitchen Cart

Are you looking for a luxury kitchen cart? Look no further than Andover Mills. The Elsie Kitchen Cart is made from solid and manufactured wood, and it is topped with a sleek slab of granite. This detail makes the kitchen cart heavier (and sturdier) than most. Granite is a popular countertop material for kitchens, which means this cart can withstand whatever you throw at it.

The cart includes a shelf, a cabinet, a drawer, and a towel rack. Grab it, and you’ll have plenty of storage. In addition, the cart comes in two versatile shades-sleek black and crisp white-so there’s sure to be one that suits your decor. Check Price @WayFair

How to Choose a Kitchen Cart


Size is a key factor if you’re adding storage to your space. Start by choosing a kitchen cart that’s small enough to fit in your space. In addition to the storage space, you also need counter space. Small kitchens may require a more flexible kitchen cart, like a rolling or foldable one, which can be moved out of the way to free up space.

Storage Set-Up

While all kitchen carts are designed with storage in mind, many of them boast different kinds of storage. When looking for kitchen carts, shoppers will find everything from cabinets and drawers to hooks and racks. Knowing what you need to store before shopping will help you decide which of these features to prioritize.


Various materials can be used to build kitchen carts. Metal is on the budget-friendly side. From solid wood to granite, you’ll find it all at the higher end. However, you can’t go wrong with any of these, as they are all durable options. Just be sure to take into consideration the rest of your kitchen, and decide which materials would suit your space best.

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  1. I have a very tiny kitchen and these storage carts would be ideal in many ways. They can store pots and pans that have nowhere to go as well as being a way to use a space to chop up food preparation items. I have never seen anything like this before and think it is an amazing way to deal with a small working space. I’m looking forward to being able to purchase an Origami Kitchen Cart

    1. Yes, Kitchen carts are amazing to have when you have a small kitchen. I like that they come with chopping blocks and can easily be rolled around to where you need them. The Origami Kitchen Cart is a great choice. 

  2. Having a kitchen cart adds additional storage space, but also valuable counter top surface area for chopping food or placing prepared dishes. Although the metal carts are budget friendly, I personally prefer the wooden carts as they not only look very stylish, but are also more solid, specially if you want to wheel them around. 

    I love the look of the Andover Mills Raabe cart. It would be the perfect replacement for the 20 year old wooden cart that I currently have and is beginning to look very dated. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. I prefer the wood kitchen carts over the metal carts. The wooden carts are more stylish at a reasonable price. The Andover Mills Cart is a great choice of style. 

  3. I was just looking at my alcohol cart and wondering whether your recommendation could be a fit. Before looking at the article in depth I said that there are three things that are key in my selection criteria. They are space, the material look and feel, and ease of setup and movement. So I was happy to see that the options you provided are based on similar considerations. I particularly liked the Budget-friendly: Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Cart. Not only did it hit the right price point but it looked stylish and compact to neatly fit into my modern kitchen. 

  4. I found a lot of help from Easy Product Reviews. Recently I moved away from my parents and needed to get furniture to start adding a little more life into my home. At Easy Product Reviews, I was lead in the right direction because of its quality furniture and other accessories that it offers. I will be coming back to make a select purchase soon.

  5. Portable kitchen carts are very cool. It helps with transporting hot food through the house without burning your hands. The fact that some of these look like an actual table is fantastic. I could see these in a small restaurant or an open living room setup. The shelving below helps store items in an elegant fashion. Useful for a romantic interlude. 

    1. Alex, the Portable Kitchen Carts can be of great use if have a big home or an elderly person that needs to carry food to without burning your hands. On the bottom shelve, I like to store items like clean plates to entertain my guest with outside BBQ

  6. I love these different types of kitchen carts, I absolutely love the IKEA Vadholma Kitchen Island. The design is very unique and I like islands, they add a nice touch to your home.

    I will show this to my grandma as she is into things like these! the space at the bottom for pots and pans makes it look great. It also works as a dining table which is a very nice touch up as well.

    1. The Ikea Vadholma Kitchen Cart, I bought and my husband did not agree with the price of the Kitchen Island. I wanted something that would last many years and match my interior kitchen design. This Kitchen Cart is well worth the cost and would buy it again. 

  7. We just moved to a new apartment and decided to get a kitchen cart. So I was doing some research and found this article. 

    Just wanted to mention that I love how you divided the carts, and I believe people are able to make a good decision based on your list. 

    The Size and Material are important features for us, so after talking with my wife, we decided to go for the Andover Mills Elise 27″. 

    Thanks a lot, we both find your article very helpful.

    1. I’m happy to hear that my list was helpful in making your decision in buying the Andover Mills Elise Kitchen cart. When you receive your kitchen cart, take pictures and let us know how easy it was to assemble along with your review on the kitchen cart. 

  8. This is a nice review of 5 kitchen carts. Each description is a nice overview of the products. I personally liked the Ikea kitchen cart. It would go well with my decor. The only thing that made me curious is the first 2 carts have pros and cons but the others don’t. I like the pros and cons list in general. I love this review and found it informative thank you Jannette.

  9. Hi. Kitchen carts can be more convenient than others might think. The ones that are most ideal for me are the ones with wheels that can be pushed. I’m glad those versions exist. The Origami and Amazon Basics carts are great examples. They both are four-wheeled which make them easiest to move around. Of course there are similar ones too. There’s something for everyone on this kind of list and that’s also true for me. 

  10. Thank you for this review. My wife and I purchased the cheapest kitchen cart we could from Ikea a few years ago and it has served us well. However, it would be nice to upgrade to one with more features! Our only constraint is that we have a small kitchen so we need it to be able to fit under a standard countertop. 

    Do you know if any of the ones you mentioned in this post will fit under a standard countertop?

  11. These are all great options, but I have to say my favourite is the Ikea Vadholma Kitchen Island.  I love the look of it, plus I would have to get the stools to go with it as well.  My kitchen is not that big, and I could certainly use more counter space and storage.  I think using a kitchen cart is a great idea.

  12. I recently purchased myself a kitchen cart, but I wish I had come across the Elsie kitchen cart from Andover Mills. I like it better than mine, lol! My cart has been a lifesaver giving me extra space to work with when I am in the kitchen. I did have to have one with four wheels to be able to move it around with me, it is so convenient! 

  13. Thank you Jannette for the perfect article! I live in a tiny little house by myself without much room to spare. I have a few small cabinets which are helpful but I have still been looking for a  to give me some versatility when I do have people over. Other than the thickness of the wood, I don’t really see anything to differentiate between the budget and Origami carts. Do you think that budget cart will hold up over time?

  14. Yes, some Kitchen Carts are reasonable and some expensive! The expensive ones are of good quality material and the reasonable ones are not such good quality. 


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